We assume time is not your friend. You're feeling the pressure with too much to do, and you have to make a major purchase (a display) from some unfamiliar company (like us). You have no time for do-overs. The deadline dictates that you have one shot to get it all right. We think you'll appreciate:

  • Assistance – our Exhibit Geeks answer emails & texts day to help you find the shortest path to the best solution for you. They're not paid on commission; their purpose is to be a blessing to you. Email support@exhibitfactory or text 714-381-0241 any time even weekends of after hours to get the information you need
  • Trustworthy Products – What we mean is that we have learned how to avoid the flimsy, inferior products that plague our industry and give the few good Internet sellers a bad name.
  • We're staffed to handle work our clients often can't... things like graphics design, or on-site installation and dismantling of our larger exhibits. Lean on us and you can sleep peacefully.