20'x30' SuperMicr

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exhibit is available in a variety of configurations and combines 2 show-stopping billboards with oversized dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics, a private meeting room, workstations for simultaneous computer demos and a reception area.

This customized Solar L exchanges the storage tower for a Solar A billboard and adds slatted plexiglass on the bridge between tower and horizontal billboard. Custom LED backlit workstations surround the central display.



CategoriesPart #QtyDescription
Billboard 75 1 Solar A Billboard  
Billboard 76 1 Solar L Billboard  
Kiosk 77 2 Solar L Kiosk  
Bridge 78 1 Solar D Connecting Bridge w/ Plex Panels  
Counter 80 8 Backlit computer workstation  
Flooring 81 1 26oz Carpet  
Cases 12 2 Solar A Flight Case  
Cases 34 5 Super Tub