20'x20' Canopy Island Truss

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XM-Cube 2020

20'x20' Canopy Style X-Module Truss Display

Ideal for exhibiting large 30'x40', 30'x30' or larger booth with minimal cost  impresses with its high stability and the resilience of the composite components with aluminum core. So they are very robust and the system durable, for frequent use, ideally applicable.

 The system components can be folded. In this way, the transport is very easy and space-saving, light in weight and easy to assemble without tools.

The basic elements (cubes) are connected to the truss elements (truss) by means of four knurled screws. The system is flexible, suitable for every occasion.

Stand area: approx. 20' x 20', height: approx. 12' Includes:

  • Island stand with graphics on the ceiling and around the circumference at about 11' height
  • Including 4 counters that can be placed freely on the stand (round or rectangular)
  •   20 LED Spot Lights
  • Large stand height for optimum long-distance effect
  • Optional: Illumination optionally with halogen or LED lights
  • Material:  aluminum / glass fiber reinforced nylon
  • Graphic: Textile print
  • Wooden Crate